Business Process Outsourcing is entering a new age as different opportunities-and demands-are made by companies in pursuit of improved outcomes, lower costs and higher standards in a critically competitive economic environment. Trends like rural and impact sourcing, corporate social responsibility, crowd sourcing, the cloud, technology convergence, collaborative and strategic models, and governance have all impacted the way companies do business and the level of understanding and knowledge outsourcing professionals must have to be successful.

Outsourcing is increasingly becoming part of a company's core business agenda. Whether your organization is a current user of global sourcing or you are considering such a move, the BPO Summit 2013 is the right platform to get a perspective from around the globe. The highlight of this Mega Initiative is that it brings together the greatest minds from the industry to reflect on the critical juncture at which the BPO industry stands and discuss the need for innovative ways to ensure sustained growth and success of the industry. The deliberations will also focus on the kind of challenges the BPO industry can expect to face going forward, particularly from a talent/resource and regulatory environment perspective.
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